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Like all club sports club softball isn't cheap. Purchasing equipment, paying for tournament fees, and covering travel expenses are costs any family can expect when playing travel ball regardless the level of competition you play. 

Here's why Tulsa Elite 316 is different...

We are here to invest in athletes, not profit off of them.

We have no organizational fees and we don't charge families administrative fees. Club softball is expensive enough without placing the burden of additional costs on families.


We host player profile pages for athletes at the 18, 16, and 14 levels to include links to an individual Skills video which WE create at no charge to the athlete.


Some organizations even go so far as charging athletes who come to their tryouts. We do not. ​


Our coaches aren't paid.

Our coaches volunteer to coach and none of our coaches are provided a salary, a stipend, nor do families pay the travel expenses of the coaches.

Question: What is the best way for my daughter to get noticed by her college of choice? 

Answer: The first way to get noticed by college coaches is to enter tournaments sponsoring the best competition in club softball. There are only so many college coaches, assistant coaches and athletic directors who invest their time attending tournaments which provide the best possible scouting return. If you are not on one of the top 15 teams in club softball you need to be competing against one of the top 15 teams in club softball. Tulsa Elite 316 enters those tournaments.

The second way to get noticed by your college of choice is to attend their camps. We encourage athletes to attend college camps at schools where they have a desire to further their education. If a college camp conflicts with a scheduled tournament we insist the athlete attend the college camp first


What are the biggest expenses in travel softball?

No matter what team you play for hotel and meals are without a doubt the biggest expense during any travel softball season. This is a similar cost for families at every level of club softball. 

The next big expense are organizational fees. While Tulsa Elite 316 has no organization fees, some organizations do and they can be quite expensive. 

The next expense are tournament fees. Like most teams, each family contributes their fair share to cover tournament fees. In comparison, small local tournaments offering trophies go largely unattended by colleges and are relatively inexpensive ranging in price from $250-$450. Showcase Tournaments which draw the best teams in club softball and generate the most interest from colleges can cost between $750-$1200. 

Is Tulsa Elite 316 right for you?

When looking at club softball teams the first question that needs to be answered is, "Does your daughter want to play college softball?" 


If she enjoys the game but does not want to play at the collegiate level then an independent local team may be the best fit for your daughter. There are many good teams in the area coached by great parents and volunteers who can have a positive impact on young athletes. 


If your daughter DOES have the desire to play college softball they need to be on the right team, working on continuous development, playing at the right tournaments, and competing against the right competition. That is what we do for our athletes.


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